ERG WTE Vision


We are primarily focused on removal of waste from landfills as a means of protection our groundwater from toxic contamination.

The Emissions Resource Group, Inc. (ERG) has a unique approach to waste incineration and electrical energy generation. Our company is constructed with the vision of zero-pollutant while removing of municipal waste from our world’s landfills.

Please do not stop reading at after the word “incineration.”  Typical incinerators dump toxins and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, while still producing ash which can only be disposed of in a landfill.

Give us just a moment of your time to explain how our approach utilizes new technology in our Waste-to-Energy plants, which not only removes the waste from our landfills but also produces affordable energy, while exceeding all EPA requirements.

Unique to our approach:

  • Our process does not produce pollution
  • Nothing entering our plant goes back to the dump or landfill
  • Our plants are constructed, managed, and run by local contractors and local labor
  • We offer disposal fees that are less than the current fees for waste disposal to landfills
  • We supply electrical power at significantly lower rates than the general population now pays
  • Our plants are owned by the people who work in and use the power they develop


Our Plants Do Not Pollute


The ERG Incinerator & High Temperature Cyclone:


The ERG incinerator and high-temperature cyclones run at substantially higher temperatures than industry standard.  Our incinerator is a proprietary product, developed in-house. Our incinerator is state-of-the-art, utilizing ceramic concrete(s), under & over fire air, computer aided temperature control(s) and continuous monitoring from both within the plant and remotely from our corporate headquarters in Auburn, Washington.


Critical to our plant is the MicroMist Scrubber, developed by our partner Envirocare International.


The MicroMist Scrubber “cleans” the gases prior to their exiting the plant. The quality of gasses leaving our plant meet or exceed all EPA requirements.


The MicroMist Scrubber captures:

  • Particulate Matter >99%
  • Condensables >99%
  • Heavy Metals 95-99%+
  • Acid Gases >99%



No Waste Returned To Landfill


Because we burn at higher temperatures, none of the bottom ash or fly ash left after incineration is toxic.  We use the ash in combination with cement, water, and fine and course aggregate to create concrete building products.  These products include traffic barrier railing, segmented blocks (used for earth retaining structures), and pavers.

These building materials are sold to government and private parties at substantially lower costs than competitive products.


Constructed, Managed and Run By Local Citizens


Our vision is to see our plants constructed, operated and owned by the local population. Critical to our purpose is to see that the local population enjoys long-term benefits from the plants developed within their community.  By supplying the critical architecture, engineering, and project management needs, ERG ensures proper construction and operation of the plant. We work diligently to train all positions necessary to sustain daily operations, which include management, accounting, maintenance and daily operation.



Lower Disposal Fees


Waste disposal fees typically run in the mid-$30’s.  Our plant “tipping fee” runs between $20 to $25.


Waste disposal fees are held artificially high because government entities typically contract with a single client who handles the collection and disposal.  Competition is not present to help keep the costs down. And, eventually, the clean-up costs required to handle the environmental pollutants leached into the water table and released into the air are going to be passed on to the same local population, not the disposal companies.


ERG does not have the huge overhead and facilities of our competitors, and profit is not our sole purpose. Rather, we are simply looking for the fee amounts necessary to pay for our plant construction, operation and maintenance.



Lower Electrical Fees


Our fees for electrical power typically run 50% to 75% of the current fees paid by the general public.


Again, because of our low overhead, we are able to charge lower fees, while still paying for our plant construction, operation and maintenance.





Our purpose is to remove the waste that has already been buried in landfills and to encourage recycling in hopes that one day almost total removal of municipal waste is achieved.


We educate the plant workers who then visit schools throughout the year educating the school children on the needs and benefits of recycling.  Working with local schools to teach recycling and waste generation awareness is possibly the best way to help the next generations limit their production of municipal waste.



It is the invention of the MicroMist Scrubber, the use of specialized high temperature ceramic concretes, vast design improvements of our incinerator, computer aided monitoring and our desire to help to improve the lives of the local population that make us different.