Our Commitment:

Emission Resource Group, Inc. is committed to exceeding EPA standards for all emissions.

Emission Control:

All air emissions are sent to EnviroCare International’s patented MicroMist Scrubber. The MicroMist Scrubber truly is a giant leap forward in technology allowing control over incinerator exhaust gasses that has never been available until now. Visit http://www.envirocare.com/products/mmscrubber.html for more information.

Our incinerator uses the latest in ceramic and high temperature concretes, computer aided controls and innovative structural design enabling us to work at much higher temperatures which allows a more complete burn of the waste products.

Our plants are continuously monitored to record and control toxin levels and temperatures. Performance and operations of our WTE plants are supervised both on site and remotely, via satellite, in our headquarters in Auburn, Washington.


ERG’s Material and Waste to Energy Plants supersede every environmental standard for air quality throughout the world.  ERG plants also comply with standards for chemical components in fly and bottom ash established by environmental protection agencies (EPA) in USA and Canada.

No portion of the waste entering our plant goes back into the landfill.  Material left over from the burn is rendered non-toxic, we use the ash in combination with cement, water, fine and course aggregate to create concrete building products.  These products include traffic barrier railing, segmented blocks, (used for earth retaining structures) and pavers.